Woody Allen: A Documentary

Robert B. Weide’s cinema-release documentary of Woody Allen begins with the rudimentary question: How can we make a documentary about Woody Allen? The problem, we are told, is that there are so many Woody Allens; it would be impossible to edit him. But this cinema version of the longer PBS documentary, condensing over three hours … Continue reading

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Hollywood greats like Casablanca, An American in Paris and An Affair to Remember have a lot to answer for. They have misled us to believe loving someone is letting them go, in love at first sight and that love can withstand even the greatest measures of distance and time. But real life and love isn’t … Continue reading

Midnight in Paris, sometime around 8pm in New York

Anyone who has ever fallen in love with a place, a person, a time period – or just fallen in love (if you can say falling in love is just something) – will fall deeply and inconveniently for this astonishingly sexy, funny film. Midnight in Paris is the stuff literary dreams are made of or, … Continue reading