An American in Paris

Americans have long swooned for Paris. It is a love that has lasted, at the very least, for 60 years, since MGM married the two nations in Vincente Minnelli’s An American in Paris. Its re-release this autumn, courtesy of the British Film Institute, is a welcome reminder of why the Americans fell and continue falling in love … Continue reading


Don’t believe the chick flick packaging. Bridesmaids is ballsy stuff. There’s toilet humour, fast cars, questionable belches, and weird sex stuff with sandwiches. On paper, these might sound like the ingredients of a testosterone-filled film. Given its audacious, raucous and, at times, filthy behaviour, it’s no surprise that Bridesmaids has been dubbed The Hangover for women. Though … Continue reading

Midnight in Paris, sometime around 8pm in New York

Anyone who has ever fallen in love with a place, a person, a time period – or just fallen in love (if you can say falling in love is just something) – will fall deeply and inconveniently for this astonishingly sexy, funny film. Midnight in Paris is the stuff literary dreams are made of or, … Continue reading