Mad Men, Season 5, Episode 8: “Lady Lazarus”

Last week’s episode of Mad Men, “Lady Lazarus” is probably the most important of the series to date, and therefore, automatically, the most significant of any series currently on television. Namely, other than its standard excellence, it’s because they played the Beatles. It’s a widely acknowledged fact, or so I’ve read, that licensing rights to the … Continue reading

New Girl

Girl moves out of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and New Girl moves in with three boys she met on Craig’s List. Such is the delightful primer for the pilot of “New Girl”, a zesty sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel and created by Elizabeth Meriwether, that aired last night on Channel 4. On paper, “New Girl” comes off … Continue reading

Gaga goes Google

“The web is what you make of it.” And so is the new Google Chrome advert with Lady Gaga. It would be incorrect to say that the Chrome advert features, or even stars, Lady Gaga; it’s really a Lady Gaga advert – promoting her new single, The Edge of Glory and the image of her as an internet-savvy superstar – with a … Continue reading