The Purple Rose of Cairo

Hollywood greats like Casablanca, An American in Paris and An Affair to Remember have a lot to answer for. They have misled us to believe loving someone is letting them go, in love at first sight and that love can withstand even the greatest measures of distance and time. But real life and love isn’t … Continue reading


  September 2011 at the Cambridge Film Festival. In between sentences about his latest film, Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn wolfs down handfuls of popcorn. A director scoffing popcorn is a strange sight to behold. It’s a bit like a priest throwing back communion wine on his day off; an act so banal, you don’t expect … Continue reading

The Artist

1927. Life screens in silence. A cinema auditorium full of gleaming faces and clapping hands. A sombre shadow cast on a vacant film screen in an empty room. Film reels burn in an inferno of increasing self-pity. A man slumps over a flat mirror, peering at his reflection as though a stranger’s. Pours his drink … Continue reading

The Sense of an Ending

‘I remember, in no particular order’. It is with these provocative words that The Sense of an Ending begins and, in many ways, ends. From here, we are launched into the past of Tony Webster, the novel’s unexceptional, peaceable protagonist. Like any history, The Sense of an Ending repeats itself – or rather, Tony Webster … Continue reading

New Girl

Girl moves out of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and New Girl moves in with three boys she met on Craig’s List. Such is the delightful primer for the pilot of “New Girl”, a zesty sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel and created by Elizabeth Meriwether, that aired last night on Channel 4. On paper, “New Girl” comes off … Continue reading