Amy Winehouse: We Only Said Goodbye With Words

Shortly after hearing the sad news about Amy Winehouse’s death yesterday, I remembered a profile I wrote about her, a shorter version of which was published for a feature on “Musical Enigmas” in Cub magazine in January 2011. Here is the full, revised version. When she’s not punching her fans or spitting on them, in … Continue reading

Off the Shelf: Books are for Reading, and Other Stories

Books have many a purpose. First off, they are great for reading. They’re also handy to furnish a room with, sit in cafes looking pretty with, use to intimidate enemies, impress a prospective employer or ward off flies and, on planes, to quiet overly chatty next-seat passengers that feel the need to talk until landing. In … Continue reading

Alphabet Soup: Going on a Wim

Wim Crouwel at the Design Museum, until 3 July ‘Like all best designers, Wim’s work is not simply a career option, rather it is intrinsic to his way of life.’ Mason Wells. Ever wondered who created the fonts on Word? Until recently, me either. Wim Crouwel didn’t invent Times New Roman or Arial (way too … Continue reading